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New Latest 2011Hidden Hotmail Smileys

7:59 PM

New lAtest hotmail messenger Smileys FOr ur Hotmail

Just copy paste the codes and enjoy

These ARE hidden new hotmail smileys For hotmail Messenger enjoy

If any pRoblem leave A comment i will help u.

i'm Emoticon (hidden)*9milI’M Emoticon (Added in WLM 8 for charity)
Cute little bunny rabbit(‘.’)Bunny rabbit emoticon (Added in WLM 8.5)
A little goat(nah)Goat emoticon (Added in MSN Messenger 7)
hidden BRB smiley(brb)Be right back (maybe he has a beard)
animated emoticon of cigarette with smoke(ci)Animated Cigarette emoticon (smoking is bad for you!)
XBox icon(xx)XBox emoticon (shameless self promotion?)
Handcuff emoticon for you bad boys and girls(%)Handcuffs (this emoticon has been there a long time)
Hand with fingers crossed(yn)Fingers crossed emoticon
Two hands high fiving(h5)High Five emoticon
Green turtle emoticon(tu)Turtle emoticon (yes, even more animals)
The old ASL question emoticon(?)ASL emoticon (removed in MSN Messenger 7)


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