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Zen Bound 2 ipad review

6:21 AM

Zen Bound 2 ipad review

iPad Apps - Zen Bound 2 Zen Bound 2 is a novel and mesmerizing game for iPad. In this self-paced game you wrap ropes around 3-dimensional objects. As the rope touches and wraps around the object in question, it “paints” the object. The goal is to paint the most surface area while using as little length of rope as possible. It’s difficult to get the concept across, so suffice it to say that you’ll get the game mechanics immediately once you begin playing it. The objects are weirdly shaped, and get more complex as you level-up. You can move the objects around in 3-D to wrap the rope around them. Accompanying this is a beautiful and original soundtrack.
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This iPad app saw life originally as an iPhone game as well. It’s much more enjoyable on iPad, with both the graphics and gameplay being better. It’s suitable for all ages, and gets sufficiently challenging at the higher levels that it’ll take you days to complete the whole game. The atmosphere and nature of the game is very unique and you can play peacefully without the franticness that comes with most other games. It is aptly described as a “meditative puzzle game” and the graphics and overall theme serve to emphasize the notions of meditation and zen. This is an amazing and unique iPad game that’s perfect for playing while engaged in deeper thought about other matters.


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