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ZHC hack Indian Police Website

7:34 PM

A few mins ago ZHC Group hack indian Police Website.

Hackers Left the following message on the website.

Free Kashmir .. Freedom is our goal..// End the Occupation

“Indian Panel Code (Act No. 45 of 1860 ) CHAPTER -II 18: India . India means the territory of India excluding the State of Jammu and Kashmir . “

This institutionalized impunity with which the killings of civilians by military and police forces in Jammu and Kashmir continues should be a source of shame for India which propagates to be a democracy!

Kashmir does not want militarized governance – STOP killing children, raping women and imprisoning the men! They just want freedom! Freedom from the evil of the Indian Military!

Apple Announces iPhone Event for Oct. 4

7:54 PM

Apple has started sending invites for an iPhone event at Apple’s Cupertino campus on Oct. 4.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5. The tech giant is also likely to unveil a second, cheaper iPhone model based off the current iPhone 4. The event will be the first with Tim Cook as CEO.

The new iPhone has been rumored to have an 8 MP camera, 1 GB of RAM, an aluminum back, a larger screen and a slew of other upgrades. Apple is also expected to unveil a new Assistant feature for iOS 5 and will bring some special guests on stage.

This will be Apple’s first iPhone event since June 2010, when it released the iPhone 4. iPhone 5 demand is expected to be strong, thanks to the lack of a phone release this summer and the addition of the iPhone on the Verizon network. Sprint is also expected to get the iPhone.

PTCL Double Impact: Broad band plus On net minutes

7:53 PM

Double up Unlimited packages were launched in August 2009 to promote Broad Band and PSTN with double play offering. Now PTCL has come up with the all new Double impact packages which offer a bundle package of capped voice minutes and data services.

Below are the PTCL Double impact Packages with Capped Voice Minutes:

  • Double-Play 1Mb @Rs 1,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • Double-Play 2Mb @Rs 1,799 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • *Double-Play 4Mb @Rs 2,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • *Double-Play 6Mb @Rs 5,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • *Double-Play 8Mb @Rs 7,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes
  • Double-Play 10Mb @Rs 10,499 with 750 On-Net voice minutes

Key Highlights:

  1. Unmatched voice quality at lowest call rates
  2. Double Impact offers more value for money
  3. PTCL Broadband offers service is available in over 1000 cities and towns across the country
  4. Seamless experience when streaming HD videos and downloading movies, TV shows and music files etc
  5. Access to free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, educational and religious contents exclusively for PTCL broadband customers on ‘Buzz’ broadband web infotainment portal

* For quality assurance purposes and to provide uninterrupted service to all customers Rs.1000/month will be charged for greater than 50 GB downloads. This is applicable on 4 Mbps, 6 Mbps & 8 Mbps packages

New Ufone Dhansoo Offer for Uth Package: Call for Rs. 1.50 per hour

4:32 PM

Ufone Dhansoo Offer for Uth Package: Call for Rs. 1.50 per hour

Ufone has introduced Dhansoo offer for those customers who are subscribed to Uth Package. Now with this new dhansoo offer you can call as low as Rs. 1.25 per hour.

This is a daily subscription based offer with a rental fee of Rs. 2 + tax per day. This Dhansoo offer is only available or valid for call from Uth to Uth customers.

Total daily charges are Rs. 3 + tax. (Rs.1 Uth package daily charges + Rs. 2 of Dhasoo Daily subscription fee)

How to Subscribe / Activate ?
  • Dial *25# from your Ufone Uth Package
  • Call for Rs. 1.50 per hour from Uth to Uth Package.
Terms and Conditions:

This is a limited time offer.


How To Check who has unfriend you on facebook

4:07 PM

Have you ever wanted to find out the people who have removed you from their friend list – or unfriending, as it is called – on Facebook? It wasn’t really possible before, but thanks to the new time line feature we can now find that out
The method comes from a viral post made on Buzzfeed – a website that uses different technologies to ‘detect’ the latest viral trends and content.

As this method uses the Facebook Timeline feature, you will have to activate it first. Timeline isn’t available for everyone right now, but we’ve written a guide on how to enable Facebook Timeline which you must follow before you find out which people have unfriended you. And to get you acquainted with the process beforehand, the steps are really easy to follow and shouldn’t take more than a minute or so, especially if you’re a ninja on your keyboard and mouse.

Before we begin, we’re assuming that you’ve enabled Facebook Timeline, follow the four steps posted below:

Step 1: Pick a year on your Timeline. You can choose this on the basis of when you added a bunch of people (like, after joining a new school).

Step 2: Locate the Friends app box on your Timeline.

Step 3: Click on the link which says Made X New Friends.

Step 4: A box named Added Friends will show up. You can scroll through this list of names of people who you added back in the year you chose in Step 1. The people who have +1 Add Friend written in front of them are the ones who are no longer in your friends list.

Get upto 1000 free mins with Jazz reactivation offer

4:06 PM

All those customers who have not used their Jazz Sim since 20th August should reactivate their sim’s instantly as Jazz is giving them 1000 Free Onnet Minutes! without any recharge…

Offer Mechanics :

  • Duration of the promotion is from 21st September- 20th October
  • Subscribers having last activity on 20th August, 2011 are eligible for the promotion
  • Eligible subscribers need to send a blank sms to 550 to sign up for the offer. SMS Charges are Rs 0.50 + Tax
  • Non eligible subscribers sending a sms to 550, will be intimated that they are “not eligible” for this offer but they would be charged for the SMS.
  • Customers who participated in last reactivation promo dated 16th July-14th August and got Free minutes, will not be eligible in this campaign. Upon sending SMS on 550, they will get SMS that you are not eligible for this promo.

Customer Incentive:

  • Eligible customers should send sms to 550 to participate & get:-
  • 100 free on net minutes on sign up
  • 225 on net minutes every weekend for coming 4 weeks
  • Weekend refers to Saturday & Sunday
  • Most importantly the customer does not need to recharge to avail the above benefits, they just need to sign up by sending a sms to 550

Offer Details:

  • All free minutes will be Mobilink to Mobilink only
  • 100 sign up minutes will be posted in the customer account in 72 hours (postings of Thursday and Friday will be done on Monday)
  • 100 free minutes will have 3 days validity after posting
  • If the customer subscribes by sending sms to 550 from Monday to Tuesday he will be entitled for free minutes on weekend of the same week, otherwise his free weekends will start from the next week
  • 225 minutes/weekend will be posted on Friday night with 2 days validity
  • Free of Cost Sim Replacement will be made available for eligible customers

No, Facebook Will Not Make You Pay to Get the New Profiles

4:05 PM

A completely untrue rumor that Facebook will soon start charging users is making the rounds yet again.

Ever since Facebook introduced Timeline profiles, several Facebook status updates have been spreading on the world’s social network that claim Facebook users will have to pay for the new profile changes.

Here’s one of the messages currently spreading on Facebook:


And here’s yet another:


These rumors are simply untrue. “It’s free and always will be” is still in giant font on the Facebook homepage. Besides, Facebook is already making billions in revenue.

Free Download VLC Media Player For Android (Pre-Alpha Build)

7:51 AM

One of the most powerful media players on the market VLC Media Player is now available for download in a pre-alpha state on Android. Link embedded after the break!
The news comes straight from developer CVPCS who, according to his own words, “came across some information on how to build VLC media player for Android” and, using his developer skills, managed to get it running on his Android device after building a pre-alpha package of it.
I’m sure our readers already know about VLC Media Player. It is a open source media player which, well, plays just about every conceivable media format you can throw at it. The fact that it is free and that it is available for a wide variety of operating systems make it the go-to choice for power users. Everyone here at Redmond Pie uses it and we love it to death.
VLC Media Player was launched on iOS some time back, but it was, sadly, later pulled after this one developer complained how open source software can never be released on a closed store like Apple’s App Store. The app later launched on Cydia, though, so this story has a happy ending.
Anyhow, we’ve been waiting for an Android port of VLC Media Player for a long, long time. Our prayers have been answered today as CVPCS built a pre-alpha package for it which you can test out right now.
From CVPCS’s blog:
Today while browsing teh interwebz, I came across some information about how to build VLC media player for android. As someone who uses VLC quite a bit on my desktop, I was quite excited at the prospect of running it on my Android devices, so I went ahead and built a pre-alpha package for it!
So why is this so cool for Android? If it can be optimized, especially with the onset of dual-core phones, you can say goodbye to the old days of having to re-encode your video and audio files to a “supported format” for your device.

While I personally don’t understand the technical reasons behind it, but because of its use of the Native Development Kit, only specific builds of VLC will work on specific devices. As such, there are two builds currently available NEON and NONEON.
To check whether your device supports NEON or the NONEON build, you need to use ADB to locate a file called cpuinfo under /proc. If, in this file, you see the word neon under Features then you download the NEON build. If not, you download the NONEON build.
Be sure to enable Unknown sources under Settings > Applications before you download, otherwise you won’t be able to install the .apk files.
Download VLC NEON [Direct Download]
Download VLC NONEON [Direct Download]

Free Download Complete The Inner & Outer World of ShahRukh Khan. DvDrip

4:53 PM

The Inner & Outer World of ShahRukh Khan. DvDrip 600mb. no need to seed, fastest 
server of mediafire links.

Enjoy Friends..
Regard .. Xtreamer!!!

Windows 8 Latest Hidden Things

7:47 AM

It was just yesterday that Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer’s preview, and allegedly, it has clocked more than 500,000 downloads already. Well, I already took it for a spin and I’m full of optimism about the Windows’s next edition.
gsmarena 013 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8
This first public build is a developer’s preview alright, there are a lot of bugs and stuff but that’s understandable. What got me excited however is the integration of the Metro-style UI right into the OS complete with buttery smooth transitions and excellent animations. It feels so unlike the Windows I’m used to.
The new, tablet-optimized Metro UI is a substantial part of the new Windows 8. The system boots straight into the Metro UI by default, your well-known Desktop is nowhere in sight. Now, relax, it’s there and it’s easily accessible and I bet Microsoft will add a switch for that. But I digress.
gsmarena 001 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8gsmarena 010 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8gsmarena 011 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8
Metro UI
My goal is not to do a full review of Windows 8, I just wanted to let you in on some of the little changes that I stumbled along the way. Luckily or not, I still haven’t encountered a Blue Screen of Death but I had the feeling we were going to be surprised here. Well, fellow journalists have already made a big deal out of it and yes, it’s nice to see it finally updated and sounding more… human-like. Unfortunately, it still won’t tell you what exactly caused the system to crash.
gsmarena 012 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8
The new BSOD
Windows 8 comes with a few new shortcuts too, one of them taken straight from the Mac OS X. I’m talking about the Win+Space combination which now changes the language. The Mac OS X one is the same (Command+Space). Other new shortcuts are Win+Q for Search, Win+Z – flip open applications, Win+Y – show desktop, etc. For a list of all new global hotkeys, visit this link.
gsmarena 014 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8
Changing the language
A major change in Windows 8 is that there’s no longer a Start menu as you know it. There’s still that Start button on the taskbar. If you just hover it with the mouse you’ll get a HUGE on-screen clock, date and system indicators (Battery, Wi-Fi). Nice… You also get a small menu with some options.
gsmarena 002 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8
Hovering the Start key
Clicking on the Start button, takes you up to the Metro UI.
You can reclaim the old Start Menu by a registry tweak but the downside is you get the old Task manager and the old File Explorer. Here’s a link that will show you how to change this, if you really insist.
The new File Explorer and the updated Task Manager are two of the key changes we see compared to Windows 7 so I’m quite fond of those. Both offer a wealth of new options and more information.
gsmarena 003 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8gsmarena 004 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8gsmarena 005 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8
The new task manager
At first look it might occur to you that Microsoft simply pasted the Windows Phone 7 UI on top Windows 7, but it’s more than this. They’ve made the Windows tablet-friendly without all those complex interfaces and menus, but they didn’t leave them out either. In the end of the day, it’s just another Windows, it’s not a major change, it’s simply improved and more flexible.
gsmarena 007 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8gsmarena 008 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8gsmarena 009 Check out these hidden gems in Windows 8
The new File Explorer
So, Windows 8 holds lots of surprises. Surely it has a lot of things to be fixed, developed or completely rewritten. But it is going to be something pretty and something fast when it finally makes it out the door. And that’s always a good thing.

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