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Helium Boy V1.02 (1.02) Android Apk Game

9:00 PM

Helium Boy 1.02
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Helium Boy is a playful 3D platform adventure game that will have you soaring high above diverse landscapes on your quest to collect bright yellow stars. If you've ever wanted to fly, now you can with this gorgeous app.

Up and Away
Grab a few balloons, tap the Jump button, and you're on your way, flying above houses and trees, over water, and across chasms. Be careful to time your moves correctly or you'll fall to your death. Watch out for birds, ninjas, and other spiked things that will burst your balloons or otherwise get you killed.
So many many ninjas
Stars and Shadows
If you need to pass under obstacles or want to lose altitude to gather stars, just drop your balloons and go it on foot. When you're ready for more flying adventures, simply tap the Pump button and it's up and away. To judge the distance between objects and navigate your way more skillfully, keep an eye on your shadow.

Where Will the Winds Take You?
Helium Boy boasts amazing graphics, lighthearted music, imaginative scenery, and adventurous gameplay that will challenge and delight both children and adults. Choose between two modes (Beginner and Normal), fly your way through eight challenging stages, and remember to watch out for the ninjas!

Latest Updates
What's new in version 1.02
Added beginner mode
Various bug fixes and gameplay tweaks

Note: Amazon protection removed !


InfeCCt V1.4.2 (1.4.2) Android Apk Game

8:59 PM

infeCCt 1.4.2
Requirements: Android 1.6 +
Overview: New brain training action at its best! Forget about Sudoku! The simple and genius puzzle infeCCt will get you soon! Train your brainpower in a playful manner!

Wow! New brain training action at its best!
Over 300 levels of brain training action!
Forget about Sudoku! The simple and genius puzzle infeCCt will get you soon! Train your brainpower in a playful manner!
A game by Andreas Skult├ęti
infeCCt is a registered trademark
* Xperia PLAY optimized *


The Sims™ 3 V1.0.47 (1.0.47) Android Apk Game

8:59 PM

The Sims™ 3 1.0.47Requirements: ANDROID 1.6 and up

LONG LIVE THE SIMS! Enjoy hours of fun on your Android device as you shape your Sims and their world. The possibilities are endless!

Will your Sims be neurotic, funny or shy? Choose appearances, clothing, personality traits, and accessories, and bring your Sims to life! Make your Sims flirtatious or total jerks! If your Sims are the solitary kinds, head to the lake and go fishing (make sure to bring a pole, though).

Lose yourself in the amazing open-world environment. Discover what kinds of characters your Sims will turn out to be! Will they stay home and take care of the house, or will they be Sims about town?

Fulfill your Sims' essential needs like eating and sleeping to increase the amount of activities your Sims can do. Take good care of your Sims so you can enjoy more exciting interactions and activities.

Stay in tune with your Sims’ whimsical desires like growing corn, staying well-rested, or buying stuff. Unlock and achieve 73 Goals and Wishes to help your Sims reach their full potentials.
As always – due to the rich, immersive quality of this game – your download will take some time. We promise it’s worth the wait!

Recently changed in this version:

** GAME UPDATE AVAILABLE! Download now for the best game experience yet! **

In response to your feedback, we’ve made additional behind-the-scenes adjustments to improve overall gameplay stability.


COLLAPSE! V1.4.0 (1.4.0) Android Apk Game

8:58 PM

Requirements: Android 1.6 +
Overview: The blockbusting game returns with custom characters and fantastic foes!

The blockbusting, color-matching excitement of COLLAPSE! returns with award-winning gameplay, all-new customizable characters, and fantastic foes like the mighty Blocktopus and Blockula! Use explosive power-ups, buy amazing upgrades and bust those blocks! Please note: Not Ideal for Xoom or other tablet devices. See Collapse! for Tablets for optimized game play.


Dragon Hunter HD Ad-Free V1.04 (1.04) Android Apk Game

8:57 PM

Dragon Hunter HD Ad-Free 1.04
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Welcome to dragon hunter HD, support more devices like tablet,high quality images compare to previous version. and support buy coins from Checkout directly or get free coins from tapjoy.

Want to be a dragon hunter? 
Challenge this tower defense game from Feelingtouch Inc.
Attack dragons to guard your castle.

How to play:
* shoot arrows by moving your fingers on the screen.
* earn coins when kill dragons.
* collect food use your boat after dragon dead.
* use coins to upgrade your arrow, magic power and other property.
* repair your castle with your repairman
* use your mages to kill them all.

* Weapons like arrow,poison arrow and dizzy arrow. increase your arrow power and arrow numbers.
* Repairman that repair your wounded castle. use coins to recruit more repairman to speed up.
* Food, Coins and Hunters. hunters will consume food every stage and game over if food not enough.
* Magic like Fire mage, Ice mage, Wind mage and light mage, increase your magic power.
* Boss with 3 different weapon and magic.

What's in this version:
support more devices like tablet,fix screen resize problem
high quality images
suport buy coins from checkout and get free coins from tapjoy


DSLR Controller (BETA) V0.80 (0.80) Android Apk App

8:57 PM

DSLR Controller (BETA) 0.80
Requirements: Android 2.3.1+, USB HOST REQUIRED
Overview: Full control of your Canon EOS DSLR from your phone or tablet through USB !

DSLR Controller is the first and only app that allows you to fully control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device with only a USB cable. No computer or laptop required, no root required, only a compatible mobile device, a compatible camera, and the right USB cable.


NOTICE: This is a BETA / PRE-RELEASE version. The product is not finished yet and there will still be issues. Due to massive demand and a great many requests to release, it is being released early. The price will go up once v1.0 is reached, but the upgrade is free for those who have this BETA.

----- Features -----

Features include but are not limited to:

- Live View
- Auto Focus (tap Live View)
- Manual focus adjustments in Auto Focus mode
- Histogram
- Zoom control
- Grid and aspect ratio display
- Bulb capture
- Continuous capture
- Image review (+ follow shot)
- Image filters (peaking, contrast, channel mask, grayscale, 4 different modes per filter)
- Video recording (basic)
- Extensive modification of settings
--- Shutter speed
--- Aperture
--- Exposure Compensation and Bracket
--- Flash Compensation
--- ISO speed
--- Auto-Focus Mode
--- Focus and Zoom area (tap-and-hold Live View)
--- Picture Style
--- Drive Mode
--- White Balance
--- Color Temperature
--- Auto-Lighting Optimizer
--- Metering Mode

Available options depend on the mode you have your camera set to (M, Av, Tv, etc) and the camera model. Refer to the website ( ) for further details.

----- Requirements -----

- An Android device with an ARMv7-A or newer CPU architecture (virtually all 1ghz+ devices)
- Not rooted: Android 3.1 or higher with USB host kernel+API support
- Rooted: Android 2.3.1 or higher with USB host kernel support

- Supported Canon EOS DSLR
- The correct USB adapter, if applicable

Most Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich devices should be compatible. Some Gingerbread phones are compatibleif rooted, like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note.

DSLR controller has been tested with the following hardware:

- Samsung Galaxy S2 (most firmwares require root), USB Host cable, eBay: "i9100 usb host"
- Motorola Xoom (3.2 without root, 3.0 possibly with root), USB Host cable, eBay: "xoom usb host"
- Acer Iconia A500, no special cable
- Asus Transformer, use keyboard dock or special USB Adapter
- Toshiba Thrive, no special cable
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9", 10.1", 10.1"v (3.1 without root, 3.0 possibly with root), USB Adapter Kit

- Canon EOS:
GREAT: 1D mk IV, 5D mk II, 50D, 550D, 60D, 600D, 7D, 1100D
OK: 1D mk III, 1Ds mk III, 30D, 40D, 400D, 450D, 1000D
NEVER: older models

Refer to the "devices" page of our website ( ) for a compatibility table.

What's in this version:
Added fullscreen liveview option
Added keyguard dismiss/disable
Added dedicated image review button
Added basic Mirror Lockup support (2000ms auto-release)
Fixed image freeze (internal thread deadlock)
Fixed crash when saved HDR settings do not match camera model
Fixed infinite permission loop
Fixed standard theme per Android API level
Fixed AF/MF button wrong state
Fixed R-MF controls visible in MF mode
Fixed video button display
Fixed timing issues (1DmkIV)


GO Contacts UFO Theme V3.01 (3.01) Android Apk

8:56 PM

GO Contacts UFO theme 3.01Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Designed and Developed by GO Contacts Dev Team!

Mystery ET,nice backgroud and Avatar,take you into the movie scene.


Plants Vs. Zombies V1.1.0 [ Android Market ] ( 1.1.0 ) Android Apk Game

8:55 PM

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%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3E*PC%2FMac+version%3C%2Fspan%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------%3C%2Fspan%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3ELanguage+Support%3A+English%2C+French%2C+Italian%2C+German%2C+Russian%2C+Spanish%2C+Simplified+%26amp%3B+Traditional+Chinese%3C%2Fspan%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3ERequirements%3A%3C%2Fspan%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3E%E2%80%A2+Supports+HVGA%2C+FWVGA-WVGA+and+qHD+resolutions.%3C%2Fspan%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3E%E2%80%A2+Requires+Android+2.2%2B%3C%2Fspan%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3E%E2%80%A2+Features+may+vary+by+mobile+device%26nbsp%3B%3C%2Fspan%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3E--------------------------------%26nbsp%3B%3C%2Fspan%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cbr+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B+outline-color%3A+initial%3B+outline-style%3A+none%3B+outline-width%3A+medium%3B%22+%2F%3E%3Cspan+class%3D%22Apple-style-span%22+style%3D%22background-color%3A+white%3B+line-height%3A+19px%3B%22%3E%3Cu%3EDownload%3A%3C%2Fu%3E%3C%2Fspan%3E%3C%2Fspan%3E%0D%0A%3Cspan

Shine Runner V1.0.1 (1.0.1) Android Apk Game

8:54 PM

Shine Runner 1.0.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Smash and smuggle your way to redneck fame and glory!

"Shine Runner would be completely ridiculous if it weren't so amazing."
- Kotaku
"With high quality games such as these, Android's future in gaming looks bright."
- Droid Gamers
"What really makes Shine Runner so much fun is the fully-destructive environment. You can literally destroy anything and everything that gets in your path."
- Android Police
"A high flying, moonshine money making, backwoods bayou bonanza."
- Android Guys
Throw your flat-bottomed fanboat into high gear and slip and slide through the muddy waters of the backwoods bayou. Smash and crash through a destructible world filled with rickety swamp shacks, fishin’ boats, chicken coops, gators, and more. Pack your cargo hold to the brim with moonshine, tobacky, snake oil and other contraband and then sell ‘em to the highest bidder in a rampagin’ 10-day race for profit and glory. Just make sure you keep an eye out for Smokey–the more notorious you get, the more cops will come gunnin’ for you.
From the same team that brought you critically acclaimed jet ski racer Riptide GP!
Power slide through twisting rivers with the most realistic boat physics ever seen on mobile.
Crash through docks stacked high with barrels. Demolish shacks and outhouses. Punt gators and chickens. If you can see it, you can smash it!
Buy and sell contraband goods like Moonshine and Tobacky, smuggling them from one colorful locale to the next in a race for maximum profit.
Explore a colorful southern world filled with high-detail boats, animated characters, beautiful bayou, marsh, and mountain environments, all running at a silky smooth framerate on your smartphone or tablet – or on your HDTV with HDMI out.
Make your name in the Shine Runner Hall of Fame leaderboards or show off your skills with some of the wackiest, most inventive Achievements around.


GO Contacts Hacker Theme V3.00 (3.00) Android Apk

8:53 PM

GO Contacts Hacker theme 3.00Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Hacker theme for GO Contacts EX, designed by GO Contacts Dev Team.

Get this COOL theme to make you GO Contacts more lovely and colorful.


GO Contacts Beach Theme V3.00 (3.00) Android Apk

8:53 PM

GO Contacts Beach theme 3.00 Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: Beach theme for GO Contacts, designed by GO Contacts Dev Team

A brand new theme designed by GO Dev Team for GO Contacts EX. Summer day Beach theme. Hope you enjoy it!


Words With Friends V4.61 AdFree (4.61) Android Apk Game

8:53 PM

Words With Friends 4.61
Requirements: Android 2.1 and Higher
Overview: The #1 mobile word game Words With Friends is now available on Android.

Play Words With Friends, the #1 mobile word game, with both your Android and iPhone/iPad-toting friends. Experience for yourself why millions of players are addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness of Words With Friends.


"Delightfully addictive." – GeekSugar
"Social gaming at its finest." – Fox News
"The premise of ‘Words‘ is simple: you fire it up and are playing a Scrabble-like word game against one of your friends in seconds." – TechCrunch
"One of the most requested apps that people have waited to see come to Android." - Androinica


Simple and familiar crossword gameplay you know and love
Turn-based design lets you play up to 20 games simultaneously
Play with your friends or match-make instantly with a random opponent
Stay in touch with friends and family with in-game chat messaging
Notifications tell you when it’s your turn

Recent changes:
Lace up your galoshes and prepare for the blizzard of features rolling out in the All-New Words with Friends Store:

You can now buy no-ads!
Tile Pile shows you how many of each letter is left!
Themed game boards!
Word-O-Meter tells you how strong your word is relative to all words your rack can create!

Celebrate the season by rating us five stars -- stars keep the updates coming!
The Words With Friends team


App 2 SD Pro (Move Apps To SD) V2.43 (2.43) Android Apk App

8:47 PM

App 2 SD Pro (move apps to SD) 2.43
Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: App 2 SD helps you to get more free internal phone storage space

Are you running out of application storage?
Do you hate having to check each and every app if it supports moving to the SD card?
Do you want an app that automatically does this for you and can notify you when an app can be moved?

"App 2 SD" helps you to move apps to either external or internal storage thru' the system Settings. This app is crucial to anyone who has memory management issues.

★ list movable apps
★ move one or all apps to SD card
★ notify if movable app installed
★ 1-tap to clear all app cache
★ add movable apps to the ignore list
★ show app cache/data/code/total size
★ show storage total/available size
★ list non-movable apps
★ move app back to the internal storage
★ view app on Market
★ uninstall app
★ open app
★ show app details page
★ support "Move2SD Enabler"
★ customizable notification sound, vibrate and light

What's in this version:
★ new functions to enable you to delete or rename the exported app list
★ added a select/unselect all apps function for the "Install apps" window
★ Japanese localization
★ Chinese localization
★ Vietnam localization
★ fixed the dead link problem of About page
★ bugs fixed


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