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Market Unlocker v3.0.9 Apk App

11:55 PM

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Market Unlocker lets you access paid or restricted apps in Android Market 2.x and 3.x and Amazon Appstore in one click. It's safe, stable, simple and free.

For some apps are just enabled for some specific countries and not available to the other countries,so it is very difficult to download many high quality software. Market Unlocker lets you access paid apps from countries where paid apps are not yet available.
***Get Root permission
***Have installed Android market
***Have installed Amazon appstore (optional)

***Change provider in one click
***Change provider automatically on boot or switch to flightmode
***Proxy support for market 3.x. It support HTTP, Socks4, Socks5 proxy and user authentication.
***Support Amazon Appstore outside USA.
It is not permanent, will be original after reboot or flight mode! So if you want to back to default market,just reboot or reset flight mode, but you can check "Auto Unlock" to fake it again automatically.
You can keep proxy disabled for your market 2.x, only check "Market Unlocker" to enable the function.
To work with new market 3.x,
1. Configure a USA (surely you can use other countries ip if they also support to show paid/restriced apps) proxy server and fill into market unlocker.
2. Enable proxy
3. Choose provider (optional. by default verizon is selected)
4. Check "Market Unlocker" to enable function.
That's all. Open Android market again, paid apps now are back to you. Good luck!
+++++ New update since version 3.0.8 +++++
Amazon Appstore is supported.
Basically Amazon appstore does not allow users to buy paid apps from outside USA, even if users have been registered use US credit card and US address.
Market Unlocker can also set a USA proxy for Amazon appstore to help you buy daily free apps as well as paid apps.
To achieve this:
First install Appstore app, otherwise the function checkbox will not be visible.
1. Go to Proxy tab
2. Configure Proxy Type, Proxy Host, Proxy Port. Please make sure you're using an effect USA proxy server first.
3. Check "Involve Amazon Appstore" button
4. Enable "Enable Proxy" to "ON"
Then open Appstore again, it should now work for you.
Note: There's no need to enable "Enable Unlocker" for Amazon Appstore.

Q:where I can find free USA proxies? and why don't you provide proxies in this app?
A:search google. one example, As they maybe frequently expire or be blocked, it does not make sense, even if leeching them automatcally somewhere.
Q:why I need use an USA proxy?
A:market 3.x is checking your ip address country. fake provider does not work any more. we need make it looks like a us user as well(from usa).
Q:why I can not connect to Market after enable proxy?
A:proxy server is broken or not supporting your request. try another proxy or disable proxy for free apps installation.
Q:why I enabled proxy, but still no paid apps visible to me?
A:you might have used a non-us proxy.
Q:How can I get a working US Amazon account?
A:Get a US billing adress and creditcard. If you don't have that you should generate the info from a site like this: Fake Name Generator(
). Keep in mind though that you won't be able to buy anything with it, but you can download the free apps of the day.

Credits to:
Known issue:
FC on 3.0,3.0.1,3.0.2 for migration issue, please upgrade to 3.0.3 or re-install any version.

What's in this version:
Support proxy authentication
Support socks4 and socks5 proxy
Support Amazon Appstore outside USA
Add "Rate Me" in about dialog
Minor bug fix
Render checkbox UI
Download Links:



SoundTracking v1.0.1 Apk App

11:52 PM

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: SoundTracking is an easy, fun way to capture and share special music moments

SoundTracking is an easy, fun and expressive way to share the soundtrack of your life with your friends and followers. With a few taps of your phone, identify a song instantly and then share the song snippet, a photo and your geo-location all in one special music moment that you can share into Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. You and your friends can follow, like and comment on each other's daily music tastes and even play songs in Rdio or Spotify!
Whether you’re out with friends at a party, walking outdoors with your headphones on, or just hanging out with the radio on, the SoundTracking app now allows you to easily share your favorite jam. Beginner tip: start by posting your "Song of the Day" or what music is "Now Playing".
Key Features:
* Capture and share the music moments in your daily life with your friends and followers.
* Find and follow your friends who are using SoundTracking by connecting to Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare.
* View these shared music moments from other people, and if you like the song, play it back in full using your Rdio or Spotify app.
* Use the Music ID feature to instantly recognize what song is playing on your phone or around you on a speaker
* Search for the song by artist name and title in our huge song database, if you already know what song is playing.
* Add your own photo or an artist/album image.
* Tag your location (Neighborhood, City or Venue) to your post.
* Share your posts to friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.
* Check-in a song at venues using the Foursquare integration. A music + location check-in!
* Let your friends know how you feel about their music moments by liking, loving and commenting on their posts.
* Be a DJ, express yourself and see what your friends and followers think of your music choices.
* See what songs and locations are trending and becoming popular.
Download Links:


SMS Backup & Restore Pro v4.7 (4.7) Android Apk App

9:43 PM

SMS Backup & Restore Pro 4.7
Requirements: for all Android versions, supports App2SD
Overview: A simple App to Backup and Restore SMS Messages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-Supported Free App.

* Automatic Scheduled Backups.
* View Backup Contents.
* Backups created in XML Format on the SD Card.
* Option to backup selected conversations only.
* MMS not supported yet.
* FAQs at

NOTE: There is a known problem with some firmware versions of the Droid X and Droid 2 phones that the restored messages do not get the correct time stamps.

This App needs the following permissions to work:
* Storage - modify/delete SD card contents (android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): To create the xml file on the SD card.
* Your messages - edit SMS or MMS, read SMS or MMS (android.permission.READ_SMS, android.permission.WRITE_SMS): Needed to read SMS during backups and write them during restore.
* Your personal information - read contact data (android.permission.READ_CONTACTS): To display and store the contact names in the backup file.
* System tools - prevent phone from sleeping (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK): To prevent the phone from going to sleep/suspended state while a backup or restore operation is in progress.
* Hardware controls - control vibrator (android.permission.VIBRATE): To vibrate the phone when the backup or restore operation is completed.

- Finnish - Thanks to Juhana H.
- Russian - Thanks to Pavel (Павел Миронов)
- Spanish - Thanks to Miguel A. Alvarez
- French - Thanks to Julien Benoist

What's in this version:
If you are having issues on ICS / Android 4, Please contact me by email as I don't have any crashes on the Galaxy Nexus.
Changes to the File Selector to make it easier to view/restore files from other folders.
Fix for app closing/crashing on orientation change on ICS.
Fix for scheduled backups not starting after reboot on ICS.
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Full Screen Launcher Pro v1.6.3 (1.6.3) Android Apk App

9:42 PM

Full Screen Launcher Pro 1.6.3
Requirements: for Android version 2.2 and higher
Overview: Ad free version of the Full Screen Launcher

A 3d launcher for your Android device

Features :
- unlimited space for your applications
- 3d wall for applications
- 3d wall for contacts
- widget support
- live wallpaper support
- icon reflection

What's in this version:
Fix bug when moving widgets inside folders
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SBSH PhoneWeaver Full v2.2.5 (2.2.5) Android Apk App

9:40 PM

PhoneWeaver Full 2.2.5
Requirements: Android OS 1.5 +
Overview: Define smart profiles activated based on time, agenda, power state and location!

The ultimate profile manager! Define smart profiles that are activated manually or automatically based on time, schedule and meetings, power connection and even location!

Each profile can completely control your phone’s volume/vibrate, ringtones, notifications, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G data, GPS, Wallpaper and more. You can even launch applications when a profile is activated!

With PhoneWeaver, your phone adopts to your lifestyle the way a smart phone should!
The new home screen widget offers instant control of PhoneWeaver and your phone profiles. Switch profiles with a single tap, setup event triggers and make your phone adapt to your needs, quickly.

What's in this version:
Removed separate Ring and Notifications volume and type for ICS+ due to Google restrictions.
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ROM Toolbox Pro v4.4.0 (4.4.0) Android Apk App

9:29 PM

ROM Toolbox Pro 4.4.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: ROM Toolbox is the MUST HAVE app for any rooted user.

ROM Toolbox combines all the great root apps all tied up into one monster app with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. It also adds many more unseen features!
This app requires root permission.


==== TOOLS ====

-- ROM Manager --
☆ Install full ROMs and other zips from a growing list of ROMs
☆ Create, manage and restore nandroid backups
☆ Wipe data, cache, dalvik-cache, battery stats
☆ Install a ROM from your SD card

-- App Manager --
☆ Batch backup & restore
☆ Automatically backup apps when they are installed
☆ Automatically delete backups when uninstalled (off by default)
☆ Send backups via gmail/email or dropbox
☆ Sort backups by already installed, same as installed, older versions, etc.
☆ Backup/restore app data
☆ Backup/restore Android Market link
☆ Task manager
☆ View memory usage
☆ Show/hide different processes
☆ Automated batch uninstaller
☆ E-mail your apps to friends
☆ Share with other applications which accept text (SMS, facebook, google reader, etc...)
☆ Move *any* user app to the SD card
☆ Freeze/Defrost system & user apps
☆ Market Doctor (Link *any* app to the Android Market)
☆ Break market links
☆ Clean up dalvik-cache
☆ Zipalign all apks
☆ Fix permissions on all apps
☆ Wipe data or cache for apps
☆ Force close apps

-- Root File Browser --
☆ Access the whole of android's file system (including the elusive data folder!).
☆ Batch copy/paste, zip, tar, delete, move any file or folder
☆ Change file permissions and ownership
☆ View, edit and share files
☆ Add new files & folders in any directory

-- Scripter & Terminal Emulator --
☆ Create and run scripts as root
☆ Download & run new scripts from an ever-growing list

-- Auto Start Manager --
☆ Enable/disable apps that run on start-up
☆ Enable/disable any intent/action apps receive

-- Ad Blocker --
☆ Choose to block ads, porn, casino & risky sites
☆ Add new sites to the hosts file
☆ Use custom IP

-- Configure Apps2SD --
☆ Select the default install location for apps

-- Rebooter --
☆ Reboot recovery, powerdown, bootloader, restart status bar, etc.

==== INTERFACE ====

-- Font Installer --
-- Boot Animation Installer --
-- Theme Manager --
-- Icon Changer --
-- Boot Logo Changer --
-- Theme Chooser Themes --


-- CPU Sliders --
☆ SetCPU and scaling governor
☆ Apply cpu at boot
☆ View cpu info

-- Build.prop Tweaks --
☆ Easily edit your build.prop
☆ Change lcd density, improve battery life, increase performance

-- Auto Memomory Manager --
☆ Set minfree values and select from presets
☆ Apply minfree at boot

-- SD Boost --
☆ Increase the speed of your SD card

-- Sysctl Tweaks --
☆ Easily modify sysctl values


Recent changes:
☆ Added a Theme Manager. Make your own themes and install other users themes ;-)
☆ Fix bug in Root Browser where the wrong file would be copied/moved/zipped if another file was clicked
☆ Various code improvements and bug fixes
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QQPlayer v1.2.234 (1.2.234) Android Apk App

9:24 PM

QQPlayer 1.2.234
Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Mobile QQ player is one of the best video player application running on Android smartphones that supports all the popular formats of videos on the market, including AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV and etc.

Mobile QQ player is one of the best video player application running on Android smartphones that supports all the popular formats of videos on the market, including AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV and etc. In addition, QQ Player also supports SRT, SMI plug-in subtitle and MKV embedded subtitle, as well as multiple audio tracks switching. Its smart core technology auto detects video formats and makes it much easier for you to enjoy smoother, better quality videos with limited resources and smaller screen. Download from the Android Market for free now!

Please feel free to submit any of your feedbacks or concerns to the email address below, we are committed to solve any issues and work to complete your satisfaction!

Recent changes:
1. Added: Online video can be played by QQplayer now
2. Added: Online upadate, new version can be checked and downloaded anytime
3. Added: In-app feedback
4. Added: Updated core strategy
5. Fixed: Playback bugs may happen to some mp4 files recorded by phone and some other video files
6. Fixed:Failure of playing in background may happen to some devices
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Emit v6.5.1 (6.5.1) Android Apk App

9:15 PM

Emit 6.5.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Emit allows you to stream videos from PC/Mac(10.6+)/Linux directly to an android device from your local wifi, 3g or external wifi.


- Live encoding and streaming directly to your device. No need to wait for your video to encode entirely.
- Accessible from 3g or external wifi
- HTTP Live streaming for 2.3+ devices
- .srt subtitles
- mkv subtitles
- Switching between audio tracks in movie
- Recognizes DVD folders and displays by title
- Pre encoding videos and download them to the device for offline viewing.
- Download music from iTunes. Songs will be saved to: SD_Card/Emit/Music/Artist/Album/Song.mp3

Go to to download the desktop apps.

Common issues:
- If you have problems playing videos, try disabling HTTP Live Streaming in settings. It can cause problems for some phones.

PLEASE NOTE: Some antivirus/internet security programs can wrongly detect server application as a security threat. Please add Emit desktop as a trusted application in such programs. This behavior was reported in some versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and BitDefender.

What's in this version:
- ICS bug fixes
- License checking improvements
Download Links:

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Trillian Pro v1.1.0.250 ( Android Apk App

9:12 PM

Trillian Pro
Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Trillian for Android helps you organize and stay in touch with your IM and social friends while on-the-go.

Receive C2DM push notifications, send pictures and messages, and optionally synchronize with Trillian for Mac, Windows, and Web. You can even use Trillian to Trillian messaging to save on SMS costs!

What's in this version:
Bugfixes for ICS and start on boot feature.

Enable Pro features and no ads.
Download Links:

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Avatar Fight - MMORPG game v2.5.1 (2.5.1) Android Apk Game

9:10 PM

Avatar Fight - MMORPG game 2.5.1
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Avatar Fight - addictive MMORPG game
Avatar fight is an exciting online multiplayer game where you collect the best weapons and raise powerful pets to fight other online players!

Avatar Fight - addictive MMORPG game
Avatar fight is an exciting online multiplayer game where you collect the best weapons and raise powerful pets to fight other online players!
Welcome to the world of avatar. Select your avatar and start the exciting adventure: equip your avatar, challenge other players, fight for honors. Complete tasks, beat bosses, gain experience and gold, grow your avatar to the next level. The adventure is tough and endless, be prepaired!
It sounds complex, but it is a rather casual online game, and only taking a few minutes to play. Try it yourself!
- Fight other players in the arena
- Claim titles in the combat contests
- Cool bosses: Caveman, barbarian, ninja, pirate, zombie and more
- Raise pets, fight along with your pets
- Cool weapons and items to aquire
- Fight for honors, show off your honor wall
- Friends list, fight with friend
- Message wall
- Daily league match
- Regime, conquer other players, celect tax from your people, pay tax to your fuler
- Global leaderboard

What's in this version:
Fixed some display bugs on some android devices (including samsung galaxy tab).
Please update to this version if you got any display problem with the last version 2.5
Download Links:

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Download Manager for Android v2.1.3 Adfree (2.1.3) Android Apk App

9:01 PM

Download Manager for Android 2.1.3 ad-free
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Version 2.0 is a major rewrite of the Download Manager for Android application. It now supports downloading file parts in parallel for servers that support it, bringing a boost in download speed!

Additionally, link sharing, is supported to start downloads from the browser or email.
- To start a new download, press the Menu button on the active downloads view (left on the navigation pane)
- Select Add
- Enter the Download URL
- Make sure the Download Folder is correct (default value can be set in the settings view)
- Optionally specify the MD5 Checksum, which will be compared once the download is complete
- Select Start! to start the download
Instructions for downloading from Browser:
- In the Browser, press and hold on the link to download
- Select Share link
- Select Download Manager
- Download Manager is opened and the download should start automatically
Instructions for downloading from Mediafire:
- In the file metadata page in Mediafire, press and hold the green Download button
- Select Share link
- Select Download Manager
- Download Manager is opened and the download should start automatically
Instructions for downloading files from Dropbox:
- In your dropbox app, press and hold on the file that you want to download
- Select Share...
- Select Share a link
- Select Download Manager
- Download Manager is opened and the download should start automatically
- Large files support (over 2 GB downloads)
- Supports downloading from browser or email via link share (press and hold the URL, choose share link, and select Download Manager from the list)
- Better download performance (download file parts in parallel)
- Better UI and more clear fonts (displaying progress for download as well as parts, ETA, download speed and status)
- Possibility to restart download (in case of stop or error)
- File save policy now renames file in case of collision, and notifies it
- Better looking download history
- Better looking icons
- Should open files from history now better
- No more attempts to respond to all URLs (mixed up with browsers)
Planned Updates:
- Properly persisted pause/resume even if app is killed
- Delete downloaded files
- Bring up dialog in case of filename collisions (overwrite, rename, append, etc.)
- Support for HTTP basic web authentication (username/password)
Feedback/Known Issues:
- Please inform URLs that don't work to the developer to improve the application
- In some cases the filename is returned encoded from the server in the content-disposition header, which results in an error (this is under investigation)

What's in this version:
Fixes for app life cycle management; better handling of back and home key presses
Bug fix for screen orientation changes; does not destroy app anymore
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Filesonic Download Links:

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3DSteroid Pro v2.01 (2.01) Android Apk App

8:59 PM

3DSteroid Pro 2.01
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: This App [3DSteroid Pro] is a stereoscopic application for Android.

- Auto-Alignment of L/R images (Pro version only)
- Higt resolution image saving (Pro version only)
- Input file : L/R independent,SBS,MPO
- Over 1000 images WEB Gallery access
- Display method : SBS,Mirror,Wiggle,2D,Anaglyph
- Save displayed image and send the saved file by email.
- Slide Show
- Take L/R pictures with the internal camera.
- Adjust L/R image positions and rotation error.
- etc
Download Links:

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AccuWeather Platinum v2.0.10 (2.0.10) Android Apk App

8:56 PM

AccuWeather Platinum 2.0.10
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: AccuWeather for Android, your source for accurate and localized weather.

AccuWeather Platinum has all of the accurate and local weather information and interactive features you need for your Android device without any advertising! This full-featured app not only has hourly forecasts updated every hour, interactive Google Maps™, a notification center, and severe weather notices, but it also has weather in 27 languages, customizable color themes, and social media sharing! Download AccuWeather Platinum for a limited time promotional price of $1.99 ($2.99 list price) and start accessing reliable and detailed weather news and information on your Android device completely ad free!
Weather Information:
• Accurate and local forecasts for locations worldwide. Updated every hour, forecasts include detailed hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours, plus day and night weather forecasts and information for the next 15 days – all in 27 different languages.
• Weather Alarms™, for locations worldwide, for weather events including, snow, ice, rain, wind speed/gusts, and probability of thunderstorms.
• Current weather conditions data is updated every 15 minutes and includes humidity percentages, visibility, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise and sunset, and RealFeel® – AccuWeather’s proprietary weather forecasting system that takes into account multiple weather conditions to determine how the local temperature actually feels, which may be warmer or colder than the temperature depending on these conditions.
• Day and night forecasts include high and low temperatures, Weather Alarms™, precipitation type and amount, wind speed and gusts, and RealFeel®.
• Weather display of North American radar and worldwide satellite overlaying interactive Google Maps™.
• Current news and broadcast-quality weather videos with many available in both English and Spanish.
Additional Features:
• Sharing function where a user can share the current, hourly, 15-day forecast, or forecast detail view using the social media applications they have installed on their device. The share option is part of the Android menu.
• In-phone status bar on home screen displays the current temperature for a user’s current or home location. This is customizable by the user in the “Settings” menu under “Notifications”.
• Stores unlimited amount of locations along with up to 10 favorite locations. From the “Locations” menu option, long press hold on a favorite location for more actions.
• Customizable color themes.
• Choice between metric or English units, and either a 12-hour or 24-hour time display.
Start accessing the most accurate and current weather information on your Android device without any advertising. Download AccuWeather Platinum today.
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Tha 3D (ADW Theme) v1.5 (1.5) Android Apk

8:54 PM

Tha 3D (ADW Theme) 1.5
Requirements: Android 1.6+, ADW Launcher
Overview: These icons looks so real, its like you can feel them pop out of the screen!

★ New graphics for launcher bar!
★ Over 720+ custom icons!
★ Custom docks (for ADW EX users)!
★ Wallpaper gallery included!
★ ADW theme support (ADW.Launcher and ADW EX)
★ Launcher Pro theme support (limited to icons)
★ Support for Desktop Visualizer
★ Support for Folder Organizer

What's in this version:
V 1.5
New wallpaper picker, check it out!
Fixed dock for ADW EX
Added over 300+ new icons (mostly sports related)
Adjusted graphics/settings
Download Links:

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Minimalistic Text (donate) v2.8.5 (2.8.5) Android Apk App

6:10 PM

Minimalistic Text (donate) 2.8.5
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Minimalistic Text is a widget app that displays information in a minimalistic way.

It can be configured to display time, date, battery and weather information. The layout of the widget is highly customizable through the layout editor.

Minimalistic Text is heavily inspired by BattStat and Clockr but adds extreme flexibility.

Supported languages:
* English
* German
* Danish
* Dutch
* Polish
* Norwegian
* French
* Serbian
* Czech
* Spanish
* Italian
* Portuguese
* Hungarian
* Russian
* Swedish

The donate version of Minimalistic Text removes the "Donate" entry from the global preferences in Minimalistic Text and let you get new features earlier.

Features currently available for donators only:
* "Zero-Mode" (e.g. Five O'Clock)

What's in this version:
removed Call permission and added an AddOn for direct calls
forecast variables for all now
wifi variables (donate for now)
Christmas gift for donators: Global Text Style overrides
modified app launch behavior
fixed ZeroMode translation bug
!!ATTENTION!! If you use direct call shortcuts you will have to download the direct call AddOn (Minimalistic Text will prompt for this if you try to initiate a direct call)
Download Links:

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Wordsmith v1.2.3 (1.2.3) Android Apk Game

6:05 PM

Wordsmith 1.2.3
Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Wordsmith is an addictive word game similar to Scrabble.

Play with friends now.
Wordsmith is a 2 to 4 player turn-based crossword style game similar to Scrabble or Words with Friends. For those with busy schedules you can play slowly or for those that want to play fast you can do that too thanks to push notifications. I must warn you, this game is addicting!

-Supports 2 to 4 players
-Play friends/random opponents
-Push Notifications
-No ads
-Allows 60 games going at the same time.
-Score preview indicator
-Player profiles and pictures
-Recent friends list
-Game statistics
-Basic and extended player statistics
-Quick access buttons
-Existing games will transfer from Wordsmith Free

What's in this version:
Fixed connection problems with Samsung Galaxy S2's Android update
Fixed FC when rotating screen with the blank tile dialog showing.
Added app logging and ability to send logs via email
Added flashing of LED lights when receiving notifications
Fixed FC when receiving some push notifications
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Pac Man Kart Rally v1.0.0 (1.0.0) Android Apk Game

6:02 PM

Pac Man Kart Rally 1.0.0
Requirements: Android 2.3
Overview: The race is on! Head for the finish line with PAC-MAN Kart Rally by Namco!

The arcade icon takes to the open road against his famous Namco friends, including Dig Dug, the Prince from Katamari Damacy and even the Galaga ship! Master the power-sliding technique to fly around corners and cut off the competition! Watch out for power-ups, bonus items and speed boosts to gain the upper hand. Compete in a garage full of modes that will test your karting skills! See you in the winner's circle!

Please note sound is off by default, you must go into the settings menu to enable audio.

-Optimized for and Exclusive to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play-
Download Links:

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tinyCam Monitor PRO v3.6 (3.6) Android Apk App

5:53 PM

tinyCam Monitor PRO 3.6
Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: One of the best app available for Android for remote surveillance, control and video recording for your private/public network or IP cameras, video encoders and DVRs with CCTV cams (#1 rated surveillance app, 4.6 average rating with 10,000+ active users).

What's in this version : (Updated : December 14, 2011)
Added alarm audio threshold in camera settings (baby monitor)
Ability to switch off video stream (baby monitor). Audio will remain on. Press Menu while watching the cam and select More -> Toggle video stream on/off
Added Allow Network parameter in App Settings to block cams access if not WiFi connection is used
Scanner now works while on 3G also. Only one host can be scanned.
Monitor your baby, pet, home, business, traffic, and weather remotely and securely (no data being sent to 3rd parties). tinyCam Monitor provides best value to customers. Buy now to get more features in future updates for free! More than 25 major updates per year with new features!

Listed as a featured app on Google TV in Android Market. View your security cams right from the sofa!

Loaded with tons of Features :
Very intuitive custom made interface. See the screenshots to appreciate the quality of the app.
Support for M-JPEG based devices of all major vendors (100+)
1-way audio (listening) for D-Link, Edimax, Gadspot, SONY, Sharx Security, LogiLink, TRENDnet, Y-cam (selective models)
2-way audio (talking and listening) for Axis, FOSCAM, Loftek, Tenvis, Wansview, INSTAR, and more on the way!
SSL support (https) for secured monitoring and encrypting credentials
10 different layouts with unlimited number of cameras support
Control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) enabled devices, i.e. Panasonic, Pixord, Vivotek
Relay, LED control for some models
Cyclic 24/7 video recording (sequence of JPEG images) on SD card. Video playback is under development.
Easy to use pinch to zoom for digital zooming and swipes for camera selection
Sequence mode for automatic cameras switching
Import/export settings to SD card or Dropbox service
Support for any USB/laptop cams through 3d party software for PC/Mac (see FAQ)
Native interface for Honeycomb tablets and Google TV
Very CPU efficient
Still not amazed? How about these UNIQUE Features :
The only app in the market which supports ON CAMERA MOTION DETECTION (selective models). Make automatic snapshots or play alert sound on motion!
LAN SCANNER for automatic cams detection. Have a camera IP address suddenly changed? It takes only couple minutes to fully rescan your home network
Audio real-time processing (SQUELCH) for using it as a baby monitor
Download Links:

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Pure news widget (scrollable) v1.1.9 (1.1.9) Android Apk App

5:47 PM

Pure news widget (scrollable) 1.1.9
Requirements: Android 1.5 and up
Overview: Great widget to view all your Google Reader news feeds

Pure news widget is a scrollable widget for Google Reader news reading (Rss).

This is a scrollable widget which REQUIRE ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, LiveHome, Go Launcher Ex or an Android 3.0 device like Xoom. If you don't use a Launcher supporting scrollable widgets, it won't work.

- Connected to Google reader to retrieve your prefered news
- Scrollable widget with most alternative launchers like ADW, Zeam Launcher, Go Launcher or LauncherPro
- Show news thumbnails
- Multiples skins and widgets sizes to make a fancy widget
- Lot of options to customize rendering
- Can use Google Mobilizer to reduce used bandwidth when reading full article
- full Android 3.0 / HoneyComb / Xoom support !!! with scrolling !
- Can mark as read in Google reader
- Optional local cache of articles

What's in this version:
NEW skin manager with publishing and rates
NEW 5x5 list and scrollable sizes for Galaxy Note or tablets
IMPROVE protection against full storage for image cache
FIX Honeycomb/Ics refresh issue
FIX small internal database, config and info layouts fixes


Download Links:

Filesonic Download Links:

Filepost Download Links:


Calendar Scroll Widget Agenda v1.0.5 (1.0.5) Android Apk App

5:35 PM

Calendar Scroll Widget Agenda 1.0.5
Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: Calendar Scroll is a calendar (agenda) widget for your Android home screen that shows calendar events, so you will never miss your next appointments!

Besides the minimalistic design, Calendar Scroll Widget allows you to scroll the previous and next calendar events, with no limits.

Features :
Shows the most important details of a calendar event
Scroll the previous and next events as in an agenda
Synced with Google calendars
Fully customizable
Three interchangeable skins
Quick actions to access calendar features
Possibility to choose which calendars to show
Translated in: English, German, Italian and Spanish
Download Links:

Filesonic Download Links:

Filepost Download Links:


etherSMS v2.0.2 (2.0.2) Android Apk App

5:31 PM

etherSMS 2.0.2
Requirements: Android 1.6
Overview: This cross platform application provides messenger-like functionality for Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, and Blackberry devices as well as SMS text messages in one convenient application.

Tired of paying for all those text messages and monthly service plans? Pay nor more. Download etherSMS and text for FREE between other devices equipped with etherSMS. etherSMS also provide a cloud-based text messaging service that lets you and your friends text to one another with NO additional charges.

Have a tablet device and no texting capability? Worry no more. etherSMS allows you to purchase a phone number for your device for only $2 month. Text to other etherSMS users for FREE while text messages to US/Canada are only 2c. No monthly text plans, you simply pay for what you use. etherSMS operates on any data network available (carrier data plan, WiFi, or hot-spot).

International traveler, you say? Using etherSMS can save you a bundle. Some international texting rates can be as high as $1 per text message and the carriers love to rob us blind. Get yourself an additional phone number for your device and text away.

Features & Highlights :
Provides messaging & texting user experience similar to the native handset application(s).
Cross platform support for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod/Touch, and Blackberry (coming soon) devices.
Operates on the mobile carrier’s data network, WiFi, or hot-spot.
Completely integrated with your device’s contact/address book.
Notifications integrated into the native handset’s notification and alert mechanisms.
Send and receive messages with other etherSMS users and SMS devices.
Protect your messages from prying eyes with a built-in screen/passcode lock.
Send and receive messages without having to pay expensive international text rates.
Minimize or eliminate your carrier’s text messaging plan.
Get a number for your Android, iPad, or other tablet device for sending and receiving text messages. (At this time, only U.S. numbers are available).
Emoticon support.
Web and phone number links supported.
 Download Links:

Filesonic Download Links:

Filepost Download Links:

Ringskin Pro - Caller ID v1.0.2 (1.0.2) Android Apk App

5:26 PM

Ringskin Pro - Caller ID 1.0.2
Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: Are you bored and totally unmoved by the default call screen on your Android device? Irritated at not being able to customize your call screen with perfectly hilarious and entertaining contact photos and images?

If you want to infuse your Android call screen with a breath of fresh air, and a shot of personality, then you need RingSkin! RingSkin allows you to customize your Android call screen, personalizing (and greatly enhancing!) the experience of taking incoming calls and placing outgoing calls.

Features :
Customizable incoming/outgoing call screen imaging
Many available default images, animation skins
Custom decorate mode
Movie/music video call screens/video ringtones
Full screen option
Tap and call imaging
Block-call capability
Slide/Button option
Assign screens to groups or individuals
RingSkin allows you to put the best features of your Android device to even better use.
Download Links:

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Filepost Download Links:


Audio Control Pro v1.1.2 (1.1.2) Android Apk App

5:17 PM

Audio Control Pro 1.1.2
Requirements: Android 2.1
Overview: Get complete control over how your phone sounds.
Audio Control is a powerful volume control app.
Create sound profiles and schedule your profiles for any day and time.

Features :
Custom Sound Profiles
Schedule Sound Profiles by day and time
4 Widgets, choose any color
Control the speakerphone volume
Lots of options for customization
Never let your phone go off in another important meeting again!
Download Links:

Filesonic Download Links:

Filepost Download Links:


Zeam Launcher v3.1.10 (3.1.10) Android Apk App

5:12 PM

Zeam Launcher 3.1.10
Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Overview: Zeam is a minimalistic launcher alternative for Android 2.2 and above devices.

What's in this version:
new folders layout
smoother vertical apps grid scrolling
ics: manage wallpapers defaulted
ics: fixed dock bootstrapping for browser
ics: fixed wrong default screen on startup
ics: preferences icon updated
smaller apk size
Download Links:

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Filepost Download Links:

Battery Monitor Widget Pro v2.0.3 (2.0.3) Android Apk App

5:05 PM

Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.0.3
Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Complete battery monitoring with notification icon, history, graphics and alarms

Lowest consumption battery monitor and widget showing capactity, charge/discharge (mA & mW), voltage, temperature and remaining time.

Shows %, temperature and mA in status bar using external packages.

Shows and saves history, shows scrollable/zoomable graphics, long-press for full-screen.

Triggers alarm based on battery full/charged or voltage and temperature levels.

To get battery % in status bar, go to settings, notification and alarms then select icon type 'external package'.

Lowest battery consumption on the market!

If you want only the notification icons/alarms, you can disable the graphics and history to reduce consumption even more!

Wide widget can display any data, check settings.

Recommended by Motorola support team!

Not all phones supported:
- mA data may be desynchronized and/or estimated
- Some data may not be reported at all

Support for Motorola Defy and Atrix 1% reporting can be activated from Settings/Monitoring.

History browsing and/or backup/restore
Provide data to Process Monitor Widget
Traditional Chinese translation
Video tutorial!

NB: If you have a problem please email-me, bad comments won't help you or anyone else!

KW: battery widget current voltage temperature battery monitor power drain charge discharge graphic mA capacity multi function graph prediction estimation time

What's in this version:
New automatic mA refresh rate
New drain information between markers (pro only)
 Download Links:

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Filepost Download Links:

Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe v3.0.6 (3.0.6) Android Apk App

5:04 PM

Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe 3.0.6
Requirements: Android OS 1.5+
Overview: Everybody LOVES Big Buttons Keyboard!

Learn it in a minute - use it forever!

For the price of a sugary cup of coffee you can avoid your phone's tiny, frustrating keyboard buttons and enjoy the most advanced smartphone keyboard layout in the world.

The patented Delta II keyboard matrix results in keyboards that are simple, fast, accurate & EXTREMELY quick-to-learn!
Imagine keyboard buttons TWICE as big as your standard portrait mode keyboard buttons!! (Big Buttons uses standard QWERTY (AZERTY, QWERTZ) for landscape mode.)

Do the 2-step keyboard install or your keyboard buttons won't get bigger!!!!

Includes basic word prediction, error correction, microphone for voice-to-text (Android 2.2 and above), cursor keys, adjustable click volume, adjustable vibration feedback, more.

Note - When installing ANY keyboard, you will receive a scary warning: "Attention - This input method may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers..."

Don't worry - Big Buttons Keyboard does not collect ANY of your information. Confirm this by looking at the permissions required for Big Buttons Keyboard. Big Buttons Keyboard does NOT access things like the internet, your email, text messages, etc.

Big Buttons Keyboard sole purpose is to function as a keyboard.

If you do not want Big Buttons Keyboard to learn and store new words you type into it's dictionary, then do not turn on the "Word Learning" option.

Welcome to hassle-free typing with Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe!!

What's in this version:
Themes - choose from image themes, font colors, even an easy-to-read theme for people with diminished vision. More to come.
Now you can long-press the '?' button as a short-cut to the BB setup menu.
Long-press the Shift key to go to the Cursor Screen (or swipe the keyboard to the right.)
'.com' and '@' buttons now appear when typing an email address.
Download Links:

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Setting Profiles Full v1.1.4.1F ( Android Apk App

5:03 PM

Setting Profiles Full
Requirements: Android OS 1.5+

An Android application that allows you to:
Maintain settings profiles
Manually activate profile permanently or temporarily
Multiple profile capable
Automatically activate profiles based on battery conditions, locale, or rules
Automatically start programs or tasks
Manage wireless communications and display to save battery and increase power life
Control volume for media, mp3, notifications, and phone ringer
Set ringtones, touchtones and vibrate
Autopilot Airplane mode, Toggle Network, Wifi, Ringer, Bluetooth, Brightness, Silent, Screen Timeout
Conditions for Time, Day, Location GPS, Battery, Calendar, Incoming Call, Missed Call, Headset, Car/Desk Dock, Unread
SMS/Text, Scheduled Period
Convenient 1×1 home widget
Notification Bar

What's in this version:
Fixed autostartup issue on ICS
Fixed startup crash on some devices
Download Links:

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Filepost Download Links:


Weather forecast widget donate v2.8.0 (2.8.0) Android Apk App

5:02 PM

Weather forecast widget donate 2.8.0
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: Weather forecast widgets

Provider: Google, Weather Underground (BETA) and Noaa

Features: international, multiple providers, multiple widgets possible, geolocation, animated skins, calendar.

Free = no skins, no geolocation refresh, no calendar.

For problems, contact me!

Nota : For poor weather informations quality, blame Google, no the app.

Donate to unlock all features of "Weather forecast widget".

Enable calendar layout and more

Recent changes:
FIX bypass wrong Google weather provider date information
Download Links:

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Filepost Download Links:


CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator v1.3.2.20111227 (1.3.2) Apk App

4:58 PM

CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Turn phone to document scanner

CamScanner turns Phone into Scanner. With CamScanner, you are able to digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. Simply take a picture of any paper documents such as receipts, whiteboards, notes, agreement and so forth, and CamScanner can auto-crop image, enhance image quality and to create an industry standard PDF file. Then you can easily upload documents to cloud like Dropbox, Google Doc,, and manage by tagging or searching.

With CamScanner You Can Scan
* Receipt, Bill, Tax Roll
* Business Card, Membership Card, VIP card
* Agreement, PPT and Whiteboard
* Note, Memo, Script, Letter
* Books, Magazines, Newspaper, Poster, Coupon
* Courier Sheet, Resumes,

Version Difference:
CamScanner Free: With advertisements, PDF files created with watermark, limitation of 50 documents, 10 pages per document, and up to 3 scans in batch mode.
CamScanner Full:No advertisements, PDF files created is clean without any watermark, no limitation on number of documents, pages, and scans in batch mode.

Key Features:
* Batch Scan Multi-Page Documents
CamScanner can take pictures of multi-page documents in a row and do batch scanning fast.
* Auto-crop and Auto-enhance Image
What makes CamScanner different from camera is its smart image processing technology. CamScanner can auto-detect edges of images, auto-crop and auto-enhance images. Options to choose multi modes of color enhancement.
* Create and Share Multi-size PDF Files
With CamScanner, you can create PDF files in more than 10 different sizes and formats including Letter, A4, B5, user-defined, or Auto-fit to get the most proper size. All PDF files can be shared via email, uploaded to Dropbox,, Google Docs.
* Back-up documents
CamScanner can backup and restore all files in your SD card.
* Smart Manage Scanned Files
With CamScanner, you can easily view all files in list or thumbnail view, Tag, merge or delete files or pages.

What's in this version:
- Fixed issues on LG920, 102SH
- Improve image scan quality
Download Links:

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Grocery Gadget Shopping List v1.1.22 (1.1.22) Android Apk App

4:56 PM

Grocery Gadget Shopping List 1.1.22
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Save time & money while shopping, scan products, sync with spouse, use eCoupons.

Grocery Gadget – The Ultimate Shopping System!
Android version of top iPhone Shopping List App over 2 years on the market, recognized by major media, journalists, bloggers, and reputable reviewers – learn why at
Save time and money. Be organized at home and efficient at the supermarket. Stop rebuilding shopping lists – just reuse them. Stop calling your spouse - share via sync.

☑ Arrange products like your pantry, refrigerator, laundry room
☑ Don’t type – scan barcodes, or use built-in list of frequent items
☑ App automatically learns item order as you shop. Or, arrange aisles manually.
☑ Sync shopping lists with spouse, attack supermarket 2x as fast!
☑ Sync supports iPhone, iPad, and Android, more to come
☑ Picture is worth a 1000 words: Never bring home the wrong product
☑ eCoupons – Match coupons to shopping items to save money
☑ FREE online portal for faster input:
☑ FREE cloud backup while signed into a “group account”
☑ Import data from other apps, recipes, csv files:
☑ Multiple Shopping Lists, arrange different projects
☑ Multiple Stores – Create lists across multiple stores
☑ Color Pricing – Compare item prices across stores
Learn more at

What's in this version:
-Sync Improvements.
Download Links:

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Scanner Radio Pro v3.5.1.1 ( Android Apk App

4:52 PM

Scanner Radio Pro
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Listen to police and fire departments from around the world on your phone.

Listen to live audio from over 2,900 police and fire scanners, weather radios, and amateur radio repeaters from around the world (with more being added daily).

* Add scanners you listen to the most to your Favorites list for quick access.
* View scanners that are located nearest you, sorted by distance, by clicking on "Near Me"
* View the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners (updated every 5 minutes).
* View list of scanners added most recently (new additions are being added all the time).
* Browse the directory of scanner feeds by location or by genre (public safety, weather, railroad, etc).
* Configure alerts to have the app notify you when lots of people are listening to a scanner (indicating that something big may be happening).
* Add Scanner Radio widgets and/or shortcuts to your phone's home screen for quick access.
* Add a "Scanner Radio Favorite" shortcut to your home screen to launch a scanner feed via an alarm clock app or automation app.

In addition to the above features, you also get the following features with this version of the app:

* The ads are removed.
* Allows you to specify what times of day you want to receive listener alerts.
* Allows you to setup listener alerts for scanners located near you.
* The play button at the top of the directory screens and on the widgets is functional.
* Allows you to listen to archived audio (from the past 30 days) if you have a Premium Subscription. Their premium subscription is $15 for 6 months, without it you will not be able to access their audio archives using the app.

What's in this version:
Fixed a crash that was occuring on some phones when the player screen was displayed.
Download Links:

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WiFi Remote Pro v1.0.31 (1.0.31) Android Apk App

4:46 PM

WiFi Remote Pro 1.0.31
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Do you have a 24 inch PC Monitor? Do you have nice computer speakers? Do you enjoy playing music or movies on your PC?

Now you can control your favourite media players remotely on your Android phone, without sitting in front of your monitor. It is not a dream! No VNC is needed!
Get the WiFi remote app now!

It fully supports TTPlayer (Music Player for Chinese), Winamp (classic skin) and Media Player Classic. Other players such as iTunes, and foobar2000, are partially supported.

It is a wireless remote control for various media players in Windows. You need to install WiFi Remote Server in your PC. Under WiFi connection, you are able to control your music, movies, etc. You can switch on and off your monitor, shut down your PC, auto mute PC's volume for incoming calls.
You can even shake your phone to play next songs on your PC!
Yes! using PC speakers!
Download Links:

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Transformers Prime Darkness Rising 2011 DVDRip XviD-Eko

11:42 AM

bout: Transformers Prime deepens the epic mythology of both the Autobots and Decepticons, while starting fresh for a new generation of fans. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and many others are back to “roll out” against Megatron’s latest attempt to conquer Earth. And Megatron proves to be more powerful than ever, having acquired a rare element that allows him mastery over life itself. ‘Team Prime’ may be few against the Decepticon hordes, but they find increased strength via bonds forged with three human teenagers. Make no mistake, Transformers Prime delivers heavy metal action, and nail-biting suspense – but it also takes the human drama to levels as yet unseen by the franchise. Screenshots:

Video Info:
File: freejunks.comTransformers.Prime.Darkness.Rising.2011.DVDRip.XviD.Eko.avi

Size: 1036423168 bytes (988.41 MiB), duration: 01:46:18, avg.bitrate: 1300 kb/s

Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s

Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 680x376, 23.98 fps(r)

Download Links:

Filesonic Download Links:

Filepost Download Links:

The Sitter 2011 720p TS XviD-26K

11:34 AM

Plot: A college dropout becomes a babysitter to make some quick cash, and takes his three young charges on an epic urban adventure in this comedy from director David Gordon Green (George Washington, Pineapple Express). Noah (Jonah Hill) isn’t a babysitter, but he’ll do just about anything for a little extra cash in his wallet. Shortly after he’s hired to look after three young children, though, Noah gets a call from his girlfriend promising sex in exchange for drugs. Desperate and horny, the irresponsible sitter packs his unsuspecting wards into the car and heads for the seedy part of town. Before Noah can think twice the whole night has gone to hell, and he’s on the run from a pair of murderous drug dealers (Sam Rockwell and J.B. Smoove) with no qualms about shooting at small targets. Ari Graynor, Max Records, and Method Man co-star. Screenshots:

Video Info:
File: freejunks.comThe.Sitter.2011.720p.TS.XviD-26K.avi
Size: 1185598748 bytes (1.10 GiB), duration: 01:17:36, avg.bitrate: 2037 kb/s
Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1280x646, 24.00 fps(r)

Download Links:

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Suing The Devil 2011 DVDRip Xvid – SceneLovers

11:20 AM

Plot: Luke O’Brien, a washed-up salesman turned night law student, decides to sue Satan for $8 trillion dollars. On the last day before Luke files a default judgment, Satan appears to defend himself. On Satan’s legal team are 10 of the country’s best trial lawyers. The entire world watches on Legal TV to see who will win the Trial of the Century. Screenshots:

Video Info:
File: freejunks.comSuing.The.Devil.2011.DVDRip.Xvid-SceneLovers.avi
Size: 744835072 bytes (710.33 MiB), duration: 01:46:17, avg.bitrate: 934 kb/s
Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 576x320, 23.98 fps(r)

Download Links:

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The Muppets 2011 720p TS READNFO XviD-26K

10:36 AM

Plot: When 3 muppet fans learn that Tex Richman wants to drill under the muppet theater for oil Gary, Mary and Walter set out to find the muppets who have been split up for years Kermit lives in his own mansion depressed in hollywood, Gonzo is a high class plumber at Gonzo’s Royal Flush, Fozzie performs with a tribute band called The Moopets , Miss Piggy is the plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, and Animal is at a celebrity anger managment rehab center in Santa Barbara. Screenshots:

Video Info:
File: freejunks.comThe.Muppets.2011.720p.TS.READNFO.XviD-26K.avi

Size: 1550608942 bytes (1.44 GiB), duration: 01:39:03, avg.bitrate: 2087 kb/s

Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s

Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1280x646, 24.00 fps(r)

Download Links:

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Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade 2011 HDTV XviD-2HD

1:00 PM

Hosts of the telecast are Nick Cannon and Mario Lopez, with co-host Maria Menounos. Stars will shine and sparkle, as the Christmas Day parade telecast features four-time GRAMMY® Award-winning singer Christina Aguilera and headliner/teen sensation Justin Bieber. The star-studded spectacular spreads good tidings with bicoastal performances from Academy® Award-winning actress and multi-platinum singer Jennifer Hudson, singer/songwriter and producer Cee Lo Green, platinum-record rockers OneRepublic, “American Idol” Season 10 winner and country crooner Scotty McCreery, and the McClain Sisters, featuring “A.N.T. Farm” star China Ann McClain, among others. Screenshots:

Video Info:

Size: 1174580786 bytes (1.09 GiB), duration: 01:34:00, avg.bitrate: 1666 kb/s

Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s

Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 624x352, 29.97 fps(r)

Download Links:

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Call of the Wildman S01E11-E12 HDTV XviD-CRiMSON

12:40 PM

Season 01 , Episode 11 — “Danger in the Distillery” Turkeys are nesting inside a local corn maze and frightening the kids who visit. Now it’s up to the Turtleman to find these birds and relocate them before the maze shuts down for good. Screenshots:

Video Info:

Size: 182562816 bytes (174.11 MiB), duration: 00:21:13, avg.bitrate: 1147 kb/s

Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 160 kb/s

Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 624x352, 23.98 fps(r)

Download Links:

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Iron Chef America S10E02 Zakarian Vs Casanova HDTV XviD-NMBSTV

12:37 PM

In their debut battle, the Newest Iron Chef takes on Challenger Chef Victor Casanova. Judges are Karine Bakhoum, Art Smith and Jill Zarin. Chef Casanova is Executive Chef at Culina, an Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills.


Video Info:

File: Iron.Chef.America.S10E02.Zakarian.Vs.Casanova.HDTV.XviD-NMBSTV.avi

Size: 367040512 bytes (350.04 MiB), duration: 00:41:59, avg.bitrate: 1166 kb/s

Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 112 kb/s

Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 624x352, 29.97 fps(r)

Download Links:

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Leverage S04E15 720p HDTV X264-IMMERSE

12:29 PM

Season 04, Episode 15– “The Lonely Hearts Job”
The scheme squad search for a philanthropist’s missing wife, only to collide with an elaborate ring that’s running sweetheart scams. Emma Caulfield and David Ogden Stiers guest star. Jonathan Frakes directed the episode.

Video Info:
File: Leverage.S04E15.720p.HDTV.x264-IMMERSE.mkv

Size: 1185398563 bytes (1.10 GiB), duration: 00:41:35, avg.bitrate: 3801 kb/s

Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1 (eng)

Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

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